Nuevo-Sol is born out of high qualified engineers aimed at providing multifarious optimized solutions to ensure high reliability and cost-effectiveness in solar power plants design and installation. Our motive is to provide standardized yet cost effective solutions in all facets of solar power. With a highly qualified team and a strong R&D focus, we are continuously improving our technical capabilities to be at the forefront of developments in the Indian solar energy field.

Our dedication to innovate indigenous solutions and also replicate globally standardized technologies at low cost, ideally positions us to help you make the right choices and achieve the best results. Structural Design and Fabrication, Foundation Design, Shading Analysis, Tracking Solutions, Efficiency Improvement Analysis and Complete EPC Solutions fall into our main portfolios.

Nuevo-Sol is a team of experts from IITs and IIMs who have a good grip on the field of Solar Energy in the Indian context. Fine knowledge and clarity of thought has given us a deep understanding of the technology which we have customized to Indian situation. Our advisory board comprises of energy experts and Policy makers. The team has worked with various firms and has set up around 8MW of Solar PV Power plants. Seasonal tilt Structures developed by the team are being used for over 30 MWp of Solar PV power plants all over India.

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